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Welcome to ME Motorsports

Modified Electronics Motorsports, otherwise known as ME Motorsports, draws upon its experiences as riders and racers to bring the best products to our customers. If we don't have it on our bikes, we aren't selling it to our customers. We believe in what we sell and it is this passion and desire that will help ensure you get the best support out there possible when you need it the most.

About Us

Modified Electronics Motorsports was started with a vision; a vision to bring the best in ECU flashing products to North America. This relatively new method of performance tuning is indeed the future and Woolich Racing is at the forefront of it.

We are also an authorized dealer for MotoGyro Vision, MWR filters, Zeitronix, Core Moto and Brock's Performance products along with several of aftermarket companies.

Besides offering products for sale, we also offer motorcycle repair, motorcycle customization, motorcycle performance tuning, track bike preparation as well as track side support services. If you require these services please email us for information and quotes.

Whatever your goals are, we will help you achieve them. We will do this by providing you the best products available, at the best price possible and support you before, during and after your purchase.

Woolich Racing

(taken directly from their "About Us" page)
Woolich Racing's ECU Flashing Products have been developed by Justin Woolich and the Team at Woolich Racing to meet the needs of Road, Circuit Racing, Land Speed Racing and Drag Racing Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha Motorcycles. We are an Australian company and our products are used by an increasing number of tuning shops, dealers, racer and individual tuners internationally.

Woolich Racing continues to develop and release a wide range of products and software for tuning motorcycles at an affordable price. Our products are suitable for everyone from the road rider through to the professional tuning shop and race teams.

Our ECU Flashing Products allow you to tune the various maps and settings available in the stock ECU found in fuel injected bikes. You no longer have to send your ECU away to get the full benefits of ECU flashing. Once flashed there are no additional modules required on the bike allowing you to reliably and cost effectively tune.

Our products are used across many forms of motorsport including Pro Drag Racing champions (Ryan Schnitz and Derek Christensen), domestic Superbike and Supersport race teams, land-speed racing bikes (including Australia’s FIM record holding Greg Watters and multiple record holder, Mark Dotson and the A All Animal Control team), and countless independent tuning shops and enthusiasts working with our products to extract the maximum performance from their bikes.

Visit our Testimonials page to hear from some of our customers and their comments on our products. - Tune your bike to the Limit...


We are the exclusive North American distributor for Woolich Racing. We also are an authorized distributor for MotoGyro Vision. Additionally, we are an authorized dealor for Zeitronix, Core Moto, Brock's Performance and MWR filters.

In addition to product sales, we can also take in motorcycle repair or customization projects, prep your track bike for the season, do engine performance tuning or provide track side support for any of your needs. Please contact us for any inquiries you may have.


701-212-1130 (Woolich Q&A)

701-353-8898 (All Others)

PO BOX 7285, Fargo, ND 58106